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ZPARTNER @ Virgin Pulse Global Challenge 2021

Herzliche Gratulation unseren beiden Teams! Beeindruckende 9.423.095 Schritte oder 7.538 Kilometer haben ZPARTNER in 60 Tagen erreicht. Die interne Wertung ging dieses Jahr an unser ZGERMANY Team. Glückwunsch!!! Ganz im Sinne von Mr. Yoda: „Proud of you – we are“ Bild von Shad0wfall auf Pixabay 

Dead end SAP Integrated Planning

SAP Integrated Planning is a mature application with a great framework enabling usage of global data warehouse objects out of SAP BW for planning. It integrates global objects and data such as master and transactional data into the planning application. Authorization out of the current system can be reused and frontends, like SAP Bex Web or Analysis for Office, are ready to use without any further licenses.

Having a looking in the glass sphere into the future of the SAP Integrated Planning, a very nebulous picture came up.

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