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Selection in variable screen.

Key figure selection in variable screen

If there is a requirement to restrict the key figures in the variable screen of a BEx Query, you have to work with some sort of workarounds ( formula variables, zero suppression and so on). With BW 7.4 SP8 another option is now available. It is called Visibility of Structure Members. Once activated a new…

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Hierarchical Display of Calculated.

Hierarchical Display of Calculated and Restricted Key Figures in BEx Query Designer

Calculated (CKF) and restricted (RKF) key figures are often used in BW mainly for re-usability and maintenance reasons. However, the handling in the Query Designer is not optimal in case of huge  number of CKF or RKF. Finding a certain CKF/RKF can be tedious and very time consuming. Using the sorting might help, but typically…

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