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Create Dataflow within BW/4HANA.

How to: Create Dataflow within BW/4HANA

What is a DataFlow Object? The Dataflow object is a way to model your dataflow within SAP BW/4HANA within the Eclipse world. It is a graphical feature which also enables you to create a dataflow from start to finish. All created objects eg Datasource, ADSOs, InfoObjects etc are available for re-use within other dataflows. The…

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SQL statements for HANA.

How to: SQL statements for HANA DB maintenance

Hello, quite often it’s necessary to fix issues related to HANA model execution – e.g. defective views,  troubles with authorizations etc. There are some SQL statements that are quite handy for that purpose and I like to share those:   –Check invalid custom DB views select * from “SYS”.”VIEWS” where schema_name not like ‘SAP%’ and…

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BW Modeling Tools.

How to create transitive navigation attributes in BW Modeling Tools

Introduction In traditional BW, modeling of transitive attributes (attribute of attribute) has been quite time consuming and also led to duplication of data, see explanation here. Transitive attributes – as an out-of-the-box feature – have been introduced in the BW Modeling Tools InfoObject editor with BW 7.5 SP4. Here you can simply enable the required…

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