InfoObject maintenance in the BW Modelling Tools (BW-MT) was made mandatory starting with SAP BW 7.5 SP4 on HANA. Since then it is not possible to maintain/create InfoObjects from the SAP GUI using the transaction RSD1. Displaying though still works.

This change surprised the one or the other as this is the first existing BW object which must be maintained in the BW-MT. Up to now only new objects like Composite Provider and Open ODS Views were only available there.

We will share a workaround here which makes the maintenance possible again. It was tested under release 7.5 SP6. However, please read the disclaimer carefully 😊


  • Be careful, by following this. You basically tell the system that it is not a BW on HANA system.
  • You should also consider that there is some stuff which can only be maintained in the BW-MT, for instance transitive attributes.
  • It should be only used in case you are running into problems using the BW Modelling Tools (BW-MT). This happened to me a few times which was the reason why we were looking for a workaround without creating an incident with SAP.
  • It should not be used because you don’t like to use the BW-MT because you don’t like them 😊

Step by Step

Step 1: Start Tx RSD1

  • Call transaction RSD1
  • You will see that the transaction is in display mode, i.e. no create or maintain icon

Step 2: Enter nohdb into the OK Code field

  • Enter “nohdb” into the OK Code field as per the following screenshot and press enter

Step 3: Now the create/activate and maintain buttons are available again

  • You can work as before 7.5 SP4
  • The setting is only kept for the current session