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Switch between themes in SAP Analytics Cloud

becomes a common feature, that would also be a ‘nice to have’ in SAP Analytics Cloud Applications. This blog describes how to switch themes in an SAP Analytics Cloud Application and what you should be aware of while developing.

SAC Analytics Cloud. Eine bildliche Mindmap vom SAP Online Track zur Übersicht.

ZPARTNER @SAP Online Track Munich and Vienna 2020

A short summary of #ZPARTNER Bernhard Sauerteig’s interesting presentation about „SAC Analytics Cloud – Application Design“ at SAP Online Track 2020. You can find the complete presentation here: Thanks for your interest! Special Thanks to:

SAC Analytics Cloud. Die Agenda des SAP Online Track Munich and Vienna 2020.

ZPARTNER @ SAP Online Track Munich and Vienna 2020

SAVE THE DATE 29.10.2020 – 14:50 ZPARTNER Bernhard Sauerteig @ SAP Online Track Munich and Vienna: „SAP Analytics Cloud – Application Design“ This session gives an Overview to SAP Analytics Cloud and its Capabilities (like Analytic Applications Scripting, Dashboarding, Data-aquisition)  including a Demo. Join us!

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