It is a pleasure to welcome you in the ZOCCER World game. ZOCCER is built on our SAP BW/4HANA and SAP Lumira 2.1 as a planning application to show new functions on SAP Lumira.


  1. Make your bet latest before beginning of the match.
  2. You will receive the following points for your bet
    • Perfect match: 4 points
    • Correct goal difference (not for draws): 3 points
    • Right trend: 2 points
  3. You’ll receive the same number of points for group stage and knockout tournament.
  4. The winner is the one with the most points after the end of all matches. If two users have the same number of points, the one with more perfect matches wins..
  5. Attention: All bets you didn’t enter will count like a 0:0 bet.
  6. ake your bonus bets before the tournament starts.
  7. A bonus bet counts like a perfect match, except the favorite team.
  8. For your favorite team you will earn 1 point each time your chosen team wins.


You can bet on all matches from the start of the tournament, including final matches! Place your bets early in order not to forget one!

DO NOT SHARE your personal link, your link is bound to you!

Save your customized link in your favorites. Only the link from your personally delivered mail will work. As the link changes after opening the application, you can’t bookmark it directly from your browser. Copy the link from your mail instead and add it in your browser as a bookmark.


Every time you navigate from the “My Bets” Tab your bets are saved. You don’t need to press any button.

For the evaluation of the bonus bets we will use the official FIFA ranking when it is available, e.g. for the top scorer.

For the company ranking you need at least 3 people from your company. The winner is determined by the following rules:
Number 1 criteria: average points per participant of company
Number 2 criteria: number of participants from company

In case of questions please come back to zoccer@zpartner.eu

Short tutorial:

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