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Disclaimer  SAP recently announced the launch of SAP Datasphere, which is the next generation of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Therefore, also the name from SAP Data Warehouse Cloud changed to SAP Datasphere. This blog, which was posted ahead of this change, refers to SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. Everything which is mentioned within the post is…

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How Business Warehouse can help you in IBP Projects

Introduction and Motivation Currently, there are different projects related to Integrated Business Planning ongoing. One motivation could be to have a successor for APO (Advanced Planning and Optimization). In case your system landscape contains a Business Warehouse system, you might be interested on how to utilize it in your IBP Projects. This question is exactly…

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Data Modeling with CDS Views – Part 3: Session Information, Case, Cast, Where, Input Parameter & Consumption filter

Introduction This blog series will contain the basics of data modeling with CDS Views. The Part 1 will give you some information about the Syntax of a CDS view, Joins, Associations and Unions. You can find this blog here Data Modeling with CDS Views – Part 1: Basics . Part 2 has handled the topics…

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