Before SAP BW 750 SP 11 it was possible to edit/maintain InfoObjects in RSD1 with the help of value nohdb in ok-code (see . This was switched off with SAP BW 750 SP11.

In some cases, it could be helpful to change InfoObjects (for instance if you want to edit Master Data Read Access – perhaps not available in Eclipse) with the help of the old RSD1. This blog should help in read exceptional cases to edit InfoObjects in SAP Gui RSD1.


  • You should use this workaround only in exceptional cases and be very carefully. Especially the BW4 variant.
  • There could be side effect, since BW Modelling Tools include more functionality

Steps for BW 750 SP11

1.Step – Open Class Method CL_RSD_MDOB->is_hdb_system 

In transaction SE24 open CL_RSD_MDOB and navigate to method is_hdb_system.

2.Step – Set Break Point  

Set a break point in CL_RSD_MDOB->is_hdb_system at line 21.

3.Step – Call transaction RSD1 and change value for s_is_hdb to ‘’

Call transaction RSD1 and wait for the breakpoint to be reached.

Clear the value for variable s_is_hdb and press F8 to continue.

Afterwards you can use RSD1 maintenance mode.

Steps for BW4/HANA SP08

1.Step – Set Break Point in CL_RSD_MDOB->is_hdb_system

In transaction SE24 open CL_RSD_MDOB and navigate to method is_hdb_system and set break point at line 21. When reaching clear the value for variable s_is_hdb (as in BW 750 as on SP11)

2.Step – Set Break Point at CL_RS_B4HANA_UTIL->GET_B4HANA_SWITCH

Call transaction se24 and open class CL_RS_B4HANA_UTIL navigate to method GET_B4HANA_SWITCH set a break point at line 2.

3.Step – Execute Function Module (FM) RSD_IOBJ_MAINT_START

Now go to SE37 and execute (FM) RSD_IOBJ_MAINT_START.

4.Step – Edit parameters for FM executen of RSD_IOBJ_MAINT_START

Set fields to OBJVERS = M and IOBJTP = CHA in import parameter structure I_S_DIALOG_PARAM and execute FUBA.

5.Step – Set values at break points

When reaching breakpoint at CL_RS_B4HANA_UTIL-> GET_B4HANA_SWITCH set value for p_switch to 0 (Standard Mode) and press F8.

When reaching break point CL_RSD_MDOB->is_hdb_system clear the  variable s_is_hdb and press F8 to continue.

Now RSD1 is opening in EDIT mode.

And Info Objects can be changed and activated

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