SAP released the Benchmark Tool for analysing your system performance as part of the performance analysis tools with Wave 2022.08 and 2022.Q2 QRC Release.  

The Performance Benchmark helps to measure your client hardware score and network speed. These have a measurable influence on your SAP Analytics Cloud user experience. 

Accessible for all users per default under System/Performance/Benchmark Tool:

With this you are able to run a performance test not on your stories or applications but on your client or network.  

This can be helpful if a story/analytic application which usually runs rather quickly, suddenly slows down significantly or if end users report slow stories/dashboards performance which have a good performance on your own client.  

Every user is able to perform their own client and network performance test here to determine system benchmark score and network latency and their bandwidth.  

Network performance and ping rate have a significant impact on Stories and Analytic Applications loading times and it is advisable to keep an eye out for these. 

Client Benchmark Score can be influenced by CPU intensive programs, applications on your client as well as firewalls, background downloads or business conferencing tools etc.  

Score determined by SAP would be: 

The Number can be improved by turning off CPU intensive applications, business conferencing tools etc. while loading the SAC stories and analytic applications.