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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Change Datasource – Development in a One-Tenant Environment 

SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful frontend and offers multiple options to share stories with consumers.
When consumption is growing it is also very important that new developments are deployed smoothly for end users.
Especially in a landscape with one tenant, acting as development system, quality system and productive system this could be a challenge.

Switch between themes in SAP Analytics Cloud

becomes a common feature, that would also be a ‘nice to have’ in SAP Analytics Cloud Applications. This blog describes how to switch themes in an SAP Analytics Cloud Application and what you should be aware of while developing.

SAC Analytic Application – Scripting for Beginners : Part 4 – How-to use results from charts

In the first part of this SAC Scripting blog series, I shorty explained how Master Data can be read and changed in SAC Analytic Application with the help of scripting. In the second part, I showed how Data Actions can be used in Analytic Application and how parameters can be dynamically defined and handed over…

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Die erste Woche der ⚽ EM 2021 ist vorüber und die Vorrunden gehen zu Ende. Wir konnten spannende, überraschende und leider auch dramatische Spiele erleben. Mit unserer ZOCCER App haben unsere Kunden, neben der Möglichkeit zu Tippen, auch die Chance die Funktionalitäten der SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) – wie hier ein Beispiel im Bereich „Statistics“…

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SAP BW Live Connection.

Value help of Bex Variables used in SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD via SAP BW Live Connection in with BADI „Refining Input Help in Variable Screen“

In this blog I want to focus on the usage of the BAdI for “Refining Input Help in Variable Screen” in context of SAP Analytics Cloud to enable special context-based filtering. In our example I would like to restrict the time and another dimension to values I choose randomly.

SAC Analytics Cloud. Eine bildliche Mindmap vom SAP Online Track zur Übersicht.

SAC Analytics Cloud – Application Design

ZPARTNER’s Bernhard Sauerteig gave a presentation on SAP Analytics Cloud – Application Design at the SAP Online Track 2020. This session gives an Overview to SAP Analytics Cloud and its Capabilities (like Analytic Applications Scripting, Dashboarding, Data-aquisition)  – including a Demo. Special Thanks to:

SAP Analytics Cloud Story development.

SAP Analytics Cloud Story development in a single tenant scenario

When working with a single SAP Analytics Cloud tenant version should be handled carefully. Especially handling of shared URLs including storyIds could lead to unintentionally negative impacts for end users. Keeping the URL/storyid and be able to develop without pressure is in my opinion very helpful for developers and consumers of a story.

SAP Analytics Cloud Story.

SAP Analytics Cloud Story SAP with HANA Live Connection ABAP Cache Warmer

Next to most current and correct data, performance is another very important factor in analytics. In the blog „How to trace widgets in SAP Analytics Cloud stories connected via HANA Live Data Connection“ ( ) it was already described how to grep performance data and link them to a widget in a SAP Analytics…

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ZPARTNER @SAPTeched 2020

ZPARTNER @SAPTeched 2020

Auch in diesem Jahr waren #ZPARTNER bei der – diesmal virtuellen – #SAPTechEd dabei um sich über die Neuerungen und neuesten Entwicklungen in der SAP Welt (#SAC, #DWC, #BW4) auf den neuesten Stand zu bringen. Vielen Dank für die interessanten Einblicke! Hier noch ein paar Links falls Sie die ein oder andere Session verpasst haben…

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#ZPARTNER @TECHED 2020! We are already excited about the latest developments in the SAP world (#SAC, #DWC, #BW4)!

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