SAP Analytics Cloud offers you the possibility to build your own Planning Model and Application within SAC natively. At a certain point you might want to think about, how to get this data exported to an On-Premise SAP Business Warehouse. This document covers the solution to export the Data from a SAC Data Model back to BW with an OData connection. 

OData Writeback to SAP BW  

SAP is offering an out of the box solution to write Data back from SAC with an OData service. To implement this solution SAP provides a note for a SAP BW 7.5 system ( and one for a SAP BW/4HANA ( If your SAP BW 7.5 is already on SP 18 or in case of an SAP BW/4HANA 2.0 on SP4 the manual activities do not need to be performed. 

In our scenario we implemented the scenario in SAP BW 7.5 SP 16.  


We followed the manual steps which are in SAP Note 2942754 as our system is not on Support Package 18. There are a lot of steps, but it is a straightforward process. After finishing all the steps, you should have in transaction SEGW a model which looks like this: 

And in transaction /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE the following service: 

Make also sure that in the SICF the service is up and running. 

In the service leave the Logon Data empty, you will later need to define a user in the SAC connection. 

bgRFC Unit 

The export jobs from SAC are processed in SAP BW 7.5 via bgRFC units. For a better understanding SAP is providing a documentation ( and SAP Note 2309399 ( is giving more insights on how to configure them effectively. 

However, as described in SAP Note 2942754 you need to configure and inbound bgRFC destination and a Supervisor Destination. The inbound queue Destination should be named “RSBPC_ODATA_EXPORT” and the Prefix “RSBPC_ODATA_EXPORT_”. 

Also define a new Supervisor Destination: 

Register ADSO 

It is also necessary to register the ADSO in the maintenance view “RSBPC_ODATA_V_EX” in transaction SM30. Please check the limitations regarding the ADSO mentioned in the note. 

Cloud Connector 

For a detailed explanation how to configure the Cloud connector please refer to the following link In the tab Cloud To On-Premise we configured the following connection. Make sure to configure a HTTPS connection. 

SAC Connection 

The last step before the export is to create the connection in the SAC. Make sure to tick on the two checkboxes “Connect to an SAP OData service” and “Connect to an On-Premise OData service”.  

Export Job 

Got to your model and click on “Data Management” and Export the Data to OData Service. 

Select your connection 

Then you can select the ADSOs which were defined in the maintenance view “RSBPC_ODATA_V_EX”.  

Select the fields you would like to map. 

You can also Filter the data you want to export with the “Add Filter” Button 

Make sure the dimensions are all mapped correctly and start the export job by pressing on finish. 

Finally, the data is exported to SAP BW: 

As you can see in the screenshots above, we exported about ~ 450.000 records. We also exported the model from SAC 1:1 to SAP BW and it took 32 minutes. In the screenshot below we have extracted the same data but only 2 dimensions and the keyfigure (including currency), the data gets aggregated already during the export and this also has an impact on the runtime.  

We got already aggregated 1605 rows and it only took 36 seconds. 


If you are currently not on the required SP, which means you must implement the manual steps mentioned in the SAP Note, it might look overwhelming as already mentioned. It is just important to follow the steps precisely. Despite the long runtime the export never failed, and the data was extracted. Overall, this export via OData provides a good possibility to push data from SAC to your SAP BW system, which increases the possibilities how to use the capabilities of SAC in combination with a SAP BW system. 

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