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Introduction ABAP CDS Views are SQL extensions, based on anyDB. There are several built-in functions (numeric, string, date/time, conversion) but, analogous to OpenSQL, that repertoire is limited and may not suffice for complex business requirements. In such situations, we may want to leverage the full HANA native SQLScript feature set: Much more available functions and…

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How-To make a SAC Story Mobile ready

Introduction This How-to Paper provides guidance for an end-user on which settings/changes are necessary to make a new/existing SAP Analytics Cloud Story usable for a mobile device. Being able to access stories and dashboards with a single click on smartphones allows end users an instant view of any business and daily improvement. Especially due to…

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Live Planung SAP.

BPC Live Planung mit SAP Analytics Cloud

Einleitung  Die SAP Analytics Cloud bietet neben der Analyse von Daten auch die Möglichkeit in der SAC selbst ein Planungsmodell zu erstellen und somit eine Planungslösung für den Endanwender zur Verfügung zu stellen. Ebenso gibt es aber auch die Möglichkeit bereits in einem SAP BW System erstellte Planungsmodelle mittels BPC und einer BPC Live Connection zu konsumieren.  Dieser Blog soll…

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SAP Part 3.

Into the world of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud series – Part 3

Hi everyone, I hope you still follow along with our DWC blog series, today we present to you chapter 3. As a reminder in chapter 1, we have created a space, while in chapter 2 we created 3 views. And in this chapter, we will relate these 3 views together to make it as a source for our dashboard. As a starting point, let us navigate by clicking the menu data builder (see Fig 1 on the left panel).    The 3 views previously created, show up (Fig 2) and you can…

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