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End of BI-IP – What‘s next? A viewpoint on the SAP Planning Portfolio – 1

Introduction The SAP Portfolio for planning is changing. The system landscape for reporting and planning is enhanced by SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Or maybe you are in the middle of a S/4 HANA project or a BW/4 project is going on. However your current planning system landscape looks like, chances are high that you will…

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DSAG Positionspapier: BW/4HANA 2.0

Im Rahmen der DSAG Technologietage wurde das, aufgrund der aktuellen Produktentwicklungen überarbeitete und aktualisierte, Positionspapier der DSAG: BW/4HANA 2.0 vorgestellt. Unter der Mitarbeit von #ZPARTNER Stefan Witteck gehen die AutorInnen der Frage nach, warum bisher wenige SAP-BW Kunden eine Migration nach BW/4HANA durchgeführt haben und beschäftigen sich mit den aktuellen Entwicklungen und Strategien des BW.

SAC Analytics Cloud. Eine bildliche Mindmap vom SAP Online Track zur Übersicht.

SAC Analytics Cloud – Application Design

ZPARTNER’s Bernhard Sauerteig gave a presentation on SAP Analytics Cloud – Application Design at the SAP Online Track 2020. This session gives an Overview to SAP Analytics Cloud and its Capabilities (like Analytic Applications Scripting, Dashboarding, Data-aquisition)  – including a Demo. Special Thanks to:

ZPARTNER joins SAP Betaprogramm. Ein Beta Kickoff mit SAP BW/4HANA.

ZPARTNER joins SAP Betaprogramm BW/4 Model Transfer in SAP DWC

#ZPARTNER freut sich am Betaprogramm zum Thema BW/4HANA Model Transfer in SAP DWC teilzunehmen. Wir sind schon gespannt auf diese neue kommende Funktionalität!



#ZPARTNER @TECHED 2020! We are already excited about the latest developments in the SAP world (#SAC, #DWC, #BW4)!

SAC Analytics Cloud. Eine bildliche Mindmap vom SAP Online Track zur Übersicht.

ZPARTNER @SAP Online Track Munich and Vienna 2020

A short summary of #ZPARTNER Bernhard Sauerteig’s interesting presentation about „SAC Analytics Cloud – Application Design“ at SAP Online Track 2020. You can find the complete presentation here: Thanks for your interest! Special Thanks to:

SAP Part 2. SAP HANA calculation views.

Into the world of SAP DataWarehouse Cloud series – Part 2

Hi everyone, today we are continuing this blog series with chapter 2. As you remember in chapter 1, we have created a space. In this chapter, we will have a look on how to create a data model with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. As a starting point, let us navigate by clicking the menu data…

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Analytics Cloud (SAC).

Will Analytics Cloud (SAC) put an end to the agony of choice?

Since Business Explorer (BEX) Suite was introduced, back in 1998, SAP’s portfolio of Business Intelligence (BI) tools has continued to grow. The first major boost came in 2007 with the acquisitions of BusinessObjects (BO) as well as Outlooksoft (BPC) and their software products. In 2015 the now called Analytics Cloud was introduced enhancing the portfolio…

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How-To Master Data Planning in SAC with a BPC Live Connection

Introduction Since BW/4HANA 1.0 SP 08 Master Data Planning is available, which I shortly showed in a use case in the blog “How-to Master Data Planning in SAP BW/4HANA”. Based on this use case, I will shortly show how the master planning can be done in SAC with a BPC Live Connection to a BPC 11.1…

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SAP Part 2. SAP HANA calculation views.

How SAP Data Warehouse Cloud(DWC) consumes SAP HANA calculation views – Part 1

One of the good features of DWC is its flexibility to consume data from both SAP and Non-SAP Data Sources. Amongst those SAP Data Sources, we have SAP BW 4/HANA, SAP HANA etc but how can SAP HANA Objects, particularly the calculation views be consumed in DWC?
In this blog post, we would want to show you how one can create DWC models(views) from HANA calculation views.

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