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SAP Part 3.

Into the world of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud series – Part 3

Hi everyone, I hope you still follow along with our DWC blog series, today we present to you chapter 3. As a reminder in chapter 1, we have created a space, while in chapter 2 we created 3 views. And in this chapter, we will relate these 3 views together to make it as a source for our dashboard. As a starting point, let us navigate by clicking the menu data builder (see Fig 1 on the left panel).    The 3 views previously created, show up (Fig 2) and you can…

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Transport ODATA Services.

Transport ODATA Services – System Aliases

ODATA is very helpful common language that allows systems a standardized communication. Also in SAP BW Context data could be consumed via ODATA as described in When transporting the service and checking /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE the System Aliases are most likely not set. One option is to set this in target system directly. In case of…

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Strategic Planning with SAP IP.

An Approach for Strategic Planning with SAP IP

Requirement To implement a strategic planning solution is quite a common requirement. Usually the time horizon for strategic planning is 3-5 years. In contrast to operational planning it is also quite typical to plan in percentage rather than in absolute numbers. For our example let us assume an existing planning solution for the current year…

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Insert an In-Cell-Chart.

How-To insert an In-Cell-Chart into a SAC Story Table

Introduction This How-to Paper provides guidance on how to display a deviation in a table in the SAP Analytics Cloud in conformity with the International Business Communication Standards. This type of visualization is very useful because you can visualize a table together with a bar/column chart. The possibility of combining two different forms of data…

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SAP Part 2. SAP HANA calculation views.

Into the world of SAP DataWarehouse Cloud series – Part 2

Hi everyone, today we are continuing this blog series with chapter 2. As you remember in chapter 1, we have created a space. In this chapter, we will have a look on how to create a data model with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. As a starting point, let us navigate by clicking the menu data…

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100 Tage ZPARTNER Virgin Pulse Global Challenge mit rund 19.997.321 Schritte und 53 km.

100 Tage ZPARTNER @ Virgin Pulse Global Challenge

Herzliche Gratulation unseren beiden Teams – es war spannend bis zum letzten Tag! Unglaubliche 19.997.321 Schritte wurden gezählt. Ganz knapp hat sich Team Austria – um 53 km – im internen Team Match an die Spitze gesetzt. Ganz im Sinne von Mr. Yoda: „Proud of you – we are“ Ziel 2021: 20.000.000 😉

Analytics Cloud (SAC).

Will Analytics Cloud (SAC) put an end to the agony of choice?

Since Business Explorer (BEX) Suite was introduced, back in 1998, SAP’s portfolio of Business Intelligence (BI) tools has continued to grow. The first major boost came in 2007 with the acquisitions of BusinessObjects (BO) as well as Outlooksoft (BPC) and their software products. In 2015 the now called Analytics Cloud was introduced enhancing the portfolio…

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How-To Master Data Planning in SAC with a BPC Live Connection

Introduction Since BW/4HANA 1.0 SP 08 Master Data Planning is available, which I shortly showed in a use case in the blog “How-to Master Data Planning in SAP BW/4HANA”. Based on this use case, I will shortly show how the master planning can be done in SAC with a BPC Live Connection to a BPC 11.1…

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