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SAP ANALYTICS CLOUD (SAC) Planning write back to SAP BW with ODATA

SAP Analytics Cloud offers you the possibility to build your own Planning Model and Application within SAC natively. At a certain point you might want to think about, how to get this data exported to an On-Premise SAP Business Warehouse. This document covers the solution to export the Data from a SAC Data Model back to BW with an OData connection.

SAP Part 1

Into the world of SAP Data Warehouse Cloud series – Part 1

SAP goes cloud, who didn’t hear about that yet? It is the future product portfolio strategy from SAP, therefore SAP built an enterprise-ready data warehouse in the cloud namely SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. It provides an end-to-end data warehouse that has capabilities to combine data management processes with advanced analytics.

Master Data Planning.

How-to Master Data Planning in SAP BW/4HANA

In a BW project a typical requirement is that business wants to change or enrich Master Data. Until now this was mostly done with customized solutions like having a special aDSO working as control table with a class for master data update or doing it in the BPC Master Data Administration. Since BW/4HANA 1.0 SP 08 there is a simple solution available, which I will show in a short use case.

BW/4HANA Conversion.

A BW/4HANA Conversion in pictures

Recently we converted a SAP BW 7.5 (SP 16) on HANA system to a BW/4HANA 2.0 (SP 05). A BW4/HANA Conversion in pictures

SAP Issues - Best Practices.

How to: SAP Analytics Cloud Performance Issues and Best Practices

Customer/Developer Point of View “Once upon a time there was an SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) analytics model (based on an external-SAP Hana-view) published in SAP Analytics Cloud. And it was doing great. It grew and grew and grew, till the MDS (1) statement was so big it crashed every time someone wanted to execute the statement. The master story (and…

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CSV file into SAP.

How to: Load a CSV file into SAP BW/4HANA using the Planning function type 0RSPL_FILE_UPLOAD_AO

Introduction The requirement to upload a CSV file into a SAP BW system is something a lot of people have come a across every once and a while. There the well-known solution by Marc Bernard  is provided. In SAP Note 2053696 it is now stated that this How-to Paper is obsolete and should not be used anymore. Therefore, the…

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Trace widgets in SAP.

How to: Trace widgets in SAP Analytics Cloud stories connected via HANA Live Data Connection

Beitrag bearbeiten Es gibt eine automatische Speicherung dieses Beitrags, die aktueller ist als die unten stehende Version.Die automatische Speicherung ansehenTitel hier eingebenHow to: Trace widgets in SAP Analytics Cloud stories connected via HANA Live Data Connection SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful tool to visualize data. Even though it is a cloud framework, it could be…

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Activate Master Data Hierarchies.

How to: Activate Master Data Hierarchies for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Introduction SAP Analytics Cloud enables to create dynamic visual stories based on key business areas with trusted data that is managed by IT. (Source: ) There are many introductions and learning materials for creating powerful reports and dashboards for SAC. All the information shows how to visually deal with data derived from various sources. Since the…

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Create Dataflow within BW/4HANA.

How to: Create Dataflow within BW/4HANA

What is a DataFlow Object? The Dataflow object is a way to model your dataflow within SAP BW/4HANA within the Eclipse world. It is a graphical feature which also enables you to create a dataflow from start to finish. All created objects eg Datasource, ADSOs, InfoObjects etc are available for re-use within other dataflows. The…

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SQL statements for HANA.

How to: SQL statements for HANA DB maintenance

Hello, quite often it’s necessary to fix issues related to HANA model execution – e.g. defective views,  troubles with authorizations etc. There are some SQL statements that are quite handy for that purpose and I like to share those:   –Check invalid custom DB views select * from “SYS”.”VIEWS” where schema_name not like ‘SAP%’ and…

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