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Stefan Witteck hat seine S/4HANA Demo21. Ein Zertifikat für den abgeschlossen Kurs S/4HANA Demo 21.

ZPARTNER (Stefan Witteck) hat seine S/4HANA Demo21 erfolgreich aufgesetzt

#zpartner hat nun mit der #S/4HANA Demo21 eine super Sandbox zum Testen und Implementieren von neuen Ideen. SAP-ZPARTNER-DEMO21-CONFIRM

RSEC*-Tables and IO AUTH_HASH.


Old or Pre BW 7.4 Database-Tables for Hierarchy Entries within Authorizations RSECHIE Status of Authorization Hierarchies RSECHIE_CL Authorization Hierarchies Changes Change Log Database-Table after Upgrade to BW 7.4: All newly created Hierarchy Authorizations will be saved within this new table. RSECHIE_STRING Status of Authorization Hierarchies Old or Pre BW 7.4 Database-Tables for Value Entries within…

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Alternative Usage of RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE

Alternative Usage of RSDG_TRFN_ACTIVATE

Stefan Witteck hat einen neuen Blog gepostet, welches das BW-Leben erheblich erleichtern kann:

Technical content BEx 7.x.

Enhance technical content with BEx 7.x Bookmark calls

The scope of the document is to show a possible way to track BEx 7.x Bookmark execution and integrate the results into the technical content. Integration is done with the help of quite new SAP BW objects, like Open ODS View or Composite Provider. Tracking bookmark execution could be very helpful in case of housekeeping…

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BW system restore and one way to save the delta from source systems

This blog can help you to save the delta in case of a system restore. Read the full blog on SAP SCN: What happened? The productive BW system of one of our clients had a serious problem. Some tables (SID tables of several central InfoObjects) were deleted directly from the database and could not…

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Comparison SAP BEx Query Designer.

Comparison of SAP BEx Query Designer and eclipse BW Modeling Query

Comparison of SAP BEx Query Designer and eclipse BW Modeling Query This blog tells you about the differences between SAP BEx Query Designer and the eclipse based BW Query on BW 7.4 and should help you to understand how query design works with the eclipse based BW-Query if you have worked long time with the…

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SAP HANA – SQL Execution Performance

BW can effortlessly expose data for external consumption e.g. by a third party tool, using the checkbox “External SAP HANA View”. Those automatically generated Calculation Views which are based on Composite Providers or even BW Queries are usually quite complex, so SQL access will probably perform poorly. This blog is about two parameters which can…

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Advanced DSO Features.

SAP HANA – Advanced DSO Features

This blog post describes the features of ADSO’s and how to use them. View details on–advanced-dso-features SUMMARY Our experience with Advanced DSO’s is good; we did not encounter severe problems. Everything worked after we gain the knowledge how to use it. thx 2 mario

SAP HANA Security.

SAP HANA Security – Create Roles and Privileges from BW System in SAP HANA

This blog post explains how to create roles with privileges for SAP HANA Studio from BW for DBMS profiles in order to give the users the possibilities to see views on generated SAP HANA BW content (like calculated views generated out of new composite provider and SAP BW queries 7.4). View details on thx…

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Selection in variable screen.

Key figure selection in variable screen

If there is a requirement to restrict the key figures in the variable screen of a BEx Query, you have to work with some sort of workarounds ( formula variables, zero suppression and so on). With BW 7.4 SP8 another option is now available. It is called Visibility of Structure Members. Once activated a new…

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