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CSV file into SAP.

How to: Load a CSV file into SAP BW/4HANA using the Planning function type 0RSPL_FILE_UPLOAD_AO

Introduction The requirement to upload a CSV file into a SAP BW system is something a lot of people have come a across every once and a while. There the well-known solution by Marc Bernard  is provided. In SAP Note 2053696 it is now stated that this How-to Paper is obsolete and should not be used anymore. Therefore, the…

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Trace widgets in SAP.

How to: Trace widgets in SAP Analytics Cloud stories connected via HANA Live Data Connection

Beitrag bearbeiten Es gibt eine automatische Speicherung dieses Beitrags, die aktueller ist als die unten stehende Version.Die automatische Speicherung ansehenTitel hier eingebenHow to: Trace widgets in SAP Analytics Cloud stories connected via HANA Live Data Connection SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful tool to visualize data. Even though it is a cloud framework, it could be…

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Activate Master Data Hierarchies.

How to: Activate Master Data Hierarchies for SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)

Introduction SAP Analytics Cloud enables to create dynamic visual stories based on key business areas with trusted data that is managed by IT. (Source: ) There are many introductions and learning materials for creating powerful reports and dashboards for SAC. All the information shows how to visually deal with data derived from various sources. Since the…

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Create Dataflow within BW/4HANA.

How to: Create Dataflow within BW/4HANA

What is a DataFlow Object? The Dataflow object is a way to model your dataflow within SAP BW/4HANA within the Eclipse world. It is a graphical feature which also enables you to create a dataflow from start to finish. All created objects eg Datasource, ADSOs, InfoObjects etc are available for re-use within other dataflows. The…

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SQL statements for HANA.

How to: SQL statements for HANA DB maintenance

Hello, quite often it’s necessary to fix issues related to HANA model execution – e.g. defective views,  troubles with authorizations etc. There are some SQL statements that are quite handy for that purpose and I like to share those:   –Check invalid custom DB views select * from “SYS”.”VIEWS” where schema_name not like ‘SAP%’ and…

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BW Modeling Tools.

How to create transitive navigation attributes in BW Modeling Tools

Introduction In traditional BW, modeling of transitive attributes (attribute of attribute) has been quite time consuming and also led to duplication of data, see explanation here. Transitive attributes – as an out-of-the-box feature – have been introduced in the BW Modeling Tools InfoObject editor with BW 7.5 SP4. Here you can simply enable the required…

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Which road to take to BW/4HANA?

Introduction BW/4HANA is available now for more than 2 years and I got the feeling that more and more BW users are starting to think how to get there. If you do not start from scratch with BW then the process to BW/4HANA from any previous BW release is a completely new experience since it…

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Change/create Infoobjects with RSD.

How to change/create Infoobjects with RSD1 as of BW 750 SP11 on HANA and BW/4HANA as of SP8

Introduction Before SAP BW 750 SP 11 it was possible to edit/maintain InfoObjects in RSD1 with the help of value nohdb in ok-code (see . This was switched off with SAP BW 750 SP11. In some cases, it could be helpful to change InfoObjects (for instance if you want to edit Master Data Read…

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ZPARTNER S/4HANA Demo21 mit SAP Analytics Cloud Integration

Hannes Kröner und Stefan Witteck haben zusammen erfolgreich die S/4HANA mit SAP Analytics Cloud Integration aufgesetzt. Gratulation und vielen Dank für den Einsatz!

HDB modeling in WebIDE.

HDB modeling in WebIDE – and why we are staying in HANA Studio for the time being

We are working with lots of mixed-scenarios, meaning that our data is stored in BW and exposed as Calculation Views for further HANA native processing. When we became aware that HANA modeling is moving away from HANA Studio and into Web IDE for SAP HANA with quite some new features, we were excited at first.…

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