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Hierarchies in Core Data Services for ABAP Part 1: Annotation-based hierarchies

Introduction Business data is often hierarchically structured e.g. hierarchies of organizational units, a reporting hierarchy, hierarchies of financial accounts in the balance sheet, product hierarchies, product types and others. These hierarchical structures make it easier to get an overview, especially when analyzing and processing of larger amounts of data, by aggregating key figures to hierarchy…

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Unsere erste STEPZ-Challenge geht langsam zu Ende und es wurden schon fleißig Schritte gesammelt. Für einen modernen Look haben wir STEPZ im Dark Mode implementiert. Da der Dark Mode aber nicht jedem zusagt, gibt es für die User die Möglichkeit, die App in den Light Mode zu switchen. Die favorisierte Ansicht wird dann auch für…

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Unsere ZPARTNER-Challenge STEPZ geht in die zweite Woche! Es wird geschwommen, gelaufen, geradelt, gewandert … und in der SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Aktivitäten und Schritte erfasst. Um zu zeigen, wie das alles funktioniert, haben wir ein kurzes Video zusammengestellt. Viel Spaß dabei!


Introduction ABAP CDS Views are SQL extensions, based on anyDB. There are several built-in functions (numeric, string, date/time, conversion) but, analogous to OpenSQL, that repertoire is limited and may not suffice for complex business requirements. In such situations, we may want to leverage the full HANA native SQLScript feature set: Much more available functions and…

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Sync SAP BW Roles to SAC Team

Challenge SAP Analytics Cloud is getting more important within SAP Landscape when it comes to visualizing data from the customer ecosystem. With that there is also a major increase in user administration and management. Especially if you want to synchronize your BW Roles with a SAC Team to easily maintain the rights to a functional…

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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) – Workspaces

General SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful frontend and offers multiple options to collaborate between users.   Creating stories in SAC can be done in the user individual folders and then shared with specific users or teams.   Furthermore, there is the public folder structure where users are authorized to see/create/change stories depending on their authorization on…

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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) – Benchmark Tool 

SAP released the Benchmark Tool for analysing your system performance as part of the performance analysis tools with Wave 2022.08 and 2022.Q2 QRC Release.   The Performance Benchmark helps to measure your client hardware score and network speed. These have a measurable influence on your SAP Analytics Cloud user experience.  Accessible for all users per default…

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End of BI-IP – What‘s next? A viewpoint on the SAP Planning Portfolio – 1

Introduction The SAP Portfolio for planning is changing. The system landscape for reporting and planning is enhanced by SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). Or maybe you are in the middle of a S/4 HANA project or a BW/4 project is going on. However your current planning system landscape looks like, chances are high that you will…

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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Change Datasource – Development in a One-Tenant Environment 

SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful frontend and offers multiple options to share stories with consumers.
When consumption is growing it is also very important that new developments are deployed smoothly for end users.
Especially in a landscape with one tenant, acting as development system, quality system and productive system this could be a challenge.

Switch between themes in SAP Analytics Cloud

becomes a common feature, that would also be a ‘nice to have’ in SAP Analytics Cloud Applications. This blog describes how to switch themes in an SAP Analytics Cloud Application and what you should be aware of while developing.

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